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How it All Began

Our Story Begins

With One Step

We began as a support to young girls in Haiti. That turned into a large facility that became the home of many girls throughout its history. Across the street, we dug a well and created the first solar-powered water purification system in the country. When the earthquake struck, its epicenter was in the same town as our girls home. The facility was a complete loss, but thankfully, no one was injured. The well continues to serve that region to this day. However, we jumped into the process of building homes for those who had lost everything. With the partnership of Samaritan‘s Purse, we built thousands of homes and delivered milk to countless babies.

Without our main outreach focus, we were left with decisions. We enhanced the name in order to reach a larger scope, changed leadership and began refocusing on helping people. We’ve served humanity through anti-trafficking endeavors, local outreaches, massive collaboration with Hurricane Relief and our current project of restoring a 40-year-old assisted living facility on the island of Puerto Rico and we’re just getting started. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. Your donations are helping us break the cycles of poverty and so much more.


About Promised Provision

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Our Mission

Global dream-makers empowering people-groups to break the cycles of poverty and exploitation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to impact the lives of people through self-sustaining systems which provide for the education, health, safety and well-being of its recipients. The goal of these systems is to improve the spiritual, physical and educational dynamics necessary for recipients to become productive, involved citizens and equip them to break the cycle of poverty in their spheres of influence.

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We Are

Promised Provision

Global dream-makers empowering people-groups to break the cycles of poverty and exploitation. Compassion grows, plant a seed. Partner today!


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